Your Printed Family Photos – 10 Reasons to Digitize Photos Before It’s Too Late

Here is why it is important to digitize your old printed photos before they are lost or, worse, destroyed.  The best way to preserve them is to digitize them.

  1. Your past is important – not only to you, but to your children, grandchildren and other relatives. Your photos represent important pieces of your family history and your story.Learn why it is important to digitize old photos
  2. All photographic materials deteriorate with time.  Paper turns color, wrinkles, and tears.
  3. Old slides and negatives tend to color-shift over time.
  4. To view your slides, you have to dig out your old projector (if it still works), or a slide viewer, in order to enjoy them.
  5. If you have old negatives, you really can’t view them at all – unless you have a rare genetic ability to invert colors on your own.
  6. Digitized photos take up less space.
  7. Once they exist as digital files, all of your old photographs can be easily shared with other family members.
  8. Uploading your digitized photos onto your computer turns it into a time machine. All those treasured (in some cases – forgotten) memories can be pulled up at a moment’s notice, to be enjoyed and shared.
  9. When they exist in digital form, these treasured artifacts can be rehabilitated as much as needed. So, even if your memories have faded, the photos of your past can be viewed as though it all happened yesterday.
  10. You can add descriptions and tags to digitized files that can be accessed by other family members.

You can choose to digitize the photos yourself or you can find a reputable local vendor or professional photo organizer.  It is best, though, to organize your photos before you digitize them so you don’t turn your physical mess into a digital one.