15 Tips for Capturing Some Great Summer Photos!

Looking for ideas to capture all those great summer moments?  Here are a few tips from the Photo Organizers at that the Association of Personal Photo Organizers.

1. Keep your camera handy.  Be ready for those unplanned moments!

2. Keep the sun behind you.  Harsh light can cast shadows and cause squinting.  Move into the shade or keep the sun behind you mid-day when the sun is most direct.

3. Get creative!  Capturing the drops of water on your little swimmers’ faces make for some fun summer photos.

4. Garden close-ups.  Early morning is best for dew and at sunset for a golden glow.  Get in close, increase your ISO and zoom in!

5. Make digital memories.  Spur of the moment plans are what summer is all about!  Capture some of these casual get-togethers: getting ice cream, walking the dog, or a last minute BBQ!

6. All packed up?  Take  a snapshot!  Luggage piled up, the car packed to the max – take a pic!  Use these photos to help tell the story of your trip.

7. Gather everyone for a group shot.  Squeeze in and take a group shot of the whole family or all your friends when everyone is together.  These pictures make for great memories of time spent together.

8. Try a different perspective.  Have the kids plop in the grass on their bellies.  Take a picture from a low angle and get a really owutdoorsy pic with blades of grass and lots of smiling faces!

9. Digitize your memorabilia!  Ticket stubs and other memorabilia are fun to keep, but if you are trying to de-clutter, just snap a quick photo of them and you have them digitized.

10. Photograph signs.  Take a picture of the campground, beach, park, or amusement park’s sign you are visiting.  Years from now you’ll remember the names of the places you’ve been.


11. Try an underwater camera!  Buy a disposable underwater camera and take a plunge.  Kids with goggles and bubbles underwater add a fun new twist to your summer memories.

12. Hand the camera to someone else.  There’s always someone that takes all the photos!  Make sure to get included in some of your own pictures!

13. Create creative exposures using sparklers!  Find a dark location with a distant background.  Set your camera mode to “full manual exposure” and your aperture to a small opening for a sharp focus.  Light your sparkler, open the shutter and begin your exposure.  Move the sparkler repetitively in the pattern you want and fire the flash right before the sparkler goes out – a very creative effect!

14. Learn your camera settings.  Use the ‘action’ setting on your camera and get the team in motion on the soccer field.  You’ll love this effect!

15. Simply remember to take pictures.  Life happens – capture the moments you want to share and remember!

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  1. Caren, this is so helpful! I especially like the reminder to take pictures of signs. I usually try to do that now in the digital photo age! Thanks for the tips :o)

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