Humidity is Killing Your Photos

Are you aware that humidity is killing your photos?

During the summer months and into the fall, in many areas of the country, the amount of water vapor in the air increases as the temperature increases and everything feels damp and sticky.

Come learn how humidity is killing your photos

Water is not a friend to printed photos and even water in the air will damage them.  As the humidity increases so does the likelihood that your photos will feel damp and start deteriorating. They may start curling and sticking together depending on how they are stored, especially if they are stored in plastic bins or left in their old photo developing envelopes.   Your photos could also be sticking to the plastic sleeves or plastic covers in older photo albums.  Or worse, there could be mold forming on your photos due to this excess moisture.

Humidity is killing your photos but you can save them! Click through to learn more.

Also, if your weather has significant fluctuations in temperature between the summer and winter months, this change from hot to cold could be damaging your photos as well.

So, what can you do?

  • It is recommended that you store your printed photos in a climate-controlled area of your house which means not in a damp basement or a very hot attic.
  • Next, you should get them out of the plastic bins and old photo albums and get them digitized and stored in archival safe boxes. Digitizing printed photos is the best way to be assured that they will be safe from further damage and last for many more years.  (Learn why it’s important to digitize your photos).

  • Once your photos are digitized you can create beautiful custom photo books using various software options that are available online or for purchase. These books are printed on photo-safe paper and can be duplicated and shared with other family members.

Your precious photos tell a story, they tell your story, so it is important that they are preserved and protected from further damage or, worse, loss.

Do you have photos stored in plastic bins or old photo albums that may be getting damaged by humidity?  Are you too busy to add this important project to your long to-do list?

Contact us to learn how we can make it easy for you.  Don’t wait until it is too late!