5 Steps of a Photo Organizing Project

When I began my journey as a personal photo organizer, I also began to organize my many years worth of photos.

I have always very good about getting my photos into the slide-in style albums or organizing many of them into fancy shoe boxes.  However, the ones in the albums aren’t labeled very well with dates and locations.  Note to readers: make sure you label your photos with a photo safe pencil.  After I became a Creative Memories consultant 16 years ago, I put many of my new photos each year into either traditional or digital photo albums.  Any photos that did not make it into albums are labeled and stored in photo safe archival boxes.  But, I still have lots of my photos, as well as my husband’s photos, stuffed into boxes, old albums or envelopes without much organization to them.  So, I embarked on my own photo organizing adventure following the ABC’S of Photo Organizing, developed by APPO’s founder Cathi Nelson.

Here is the plan I have been following:

Step 1: Dig out all the boxes from the closet under the basement stairs and place them all on a table.

Step 2: Separate the albums from the envelopes of photos and label them by date (as best I can), occasion, person, etc.
Step 3: Set up my photo storage boxes with labels that correspond to the labels from Step 2.
Step 4: Pull the photos out of the albums and put them into the photo storage boxes.  While I am doing this I will sort thru and pull out all of the “C” photos – those to be tossed into the trash can.
Step 5: Scan the “A” photos and store them in Forever or create a photo book.