Are Your Photos Backed Up?

Are your photos backed up and safe?  Our photos are one of our most precious personal items as they represent all of the special moments in our lives.  Therefore, it is important that we keep them safe.  How would you feel if you lost all of your digital photos?

I recently realized the importance of backing up my photos and documents when one day I couldn’t access any files on my external hard drive (EHD).  This EHD held all my personal document files, business document files and over two decades of personal photos.

I had just completed digitizing all of my late husband’s printed photos and putting them into electronic folders by categories on my EHD.  I had also created collages for his funeral service and stored them on the EHD before sending them to be printed.  Two days later, I plugged the EHD into my computer and the computer would not recognize any of the files on it.  Immediately panic mode set in.  I contacted a computer store near me and asked if they could try to recover the files.

That evening I remembered that I had a Backblaze account.  Backblaze is an automatic cloud backup service.  I have been using this service for the past few years to backup files on my computer and my EHD.  I logged into my account and checked on when the last backup occurred and it was just a few days earlier.  Immediately I initiated the recovery process for the EHD and waited and prayed.  It took several hours for the recovery to complete and then I initiated the download of the recovered files.  That took almost 24 hours.

In the meantime, the computer store told me that they were not able to recover any of the files on my old EHD but that for a lot of money it could be sent out somewhere to try to recover the files.  I decided to wait for the download of the recovered files from Backblaze.

Once the download completed, I opened it up and let out a huge sigh of relief – all of my files and photos were there.  I immediately copied everything to a new EHD.  I have also continued the process to upload all of my photos into my Forever account.

Don’t take a chance on losing all of your files and photos .  You never know when your computer or EHD will crash or when there will be a natural disaster and everything is lost.  I am so grateful that I spent the small amount of money each year on a Backblaze account.

The Photo Managers, the world’s leading educational community supporting the field of photo management, recommends the 3-2-1 backup methodology:  Three copies of your photos and files, stored on two different media or devices, and one copy stored off-site.

  • If you have your originals, either on your computer or an EHD, plus two more copies then you are creating a system with triple redundancy.
  • Having your original files and photos on one device and a copy on a second device or media, allows for immediate access to a backup if one device fails.
  • If you have all copies of your files and photos stored in your home, then they are at an unforeseen risk of something happening to your home such as a natural disaster, flood, fire or theft.  A cloud-based backup or storage solution is a good choice for this third location.

As an example: you can have your files and photos stored on your computer and on an EHD, backed up to a cloud service such as Backblaze, and your photos stored in Forever – a permanent, secure, private, shareable cloud-based storage system.

Don’t be at risk for losing all your precious photo memories and document files.  Setup a backup system that will take the worry out of preserving your memories.

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  1. Lucy Kelly
    Lucy Kelly says:

    Caren, your story made me stop and think about something I always mean to do and never get round to – thank you so much for the compelling push to get this done. My condolences on the loss of your husband.


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