Finally, there’s a way to organize all your photos across your devices!

Have you ever…

… remembered you have a photo on your phone you want to share but now you’re on your tablet and can’t access it?

… had an important family event coming up and wanted to create a slideshow, but you don’t know where to start in organizing and curating your photos?

… thought all your photos were syncing. But then you bought a new phone and none of them are showing up in your new camera roll?

If you can relate to any of the above, we can help! I’ve partnered with SurroundUs Services to redefine the way you interact with your best moments. After working with the SurroundUs team, you’ll end up with a photo collection that is backed up and easy to access and share.

It’s your time to take back control of your digital photos scattered across all your devices!

I have partnered with SurroundUs Services to be able to provide the following services:

Full Circle Package – Consolidated, Safe + Organized
We will complete a thorough, in-depth renovation of your entire photo management process (or, lack of one!). After our work together is done, you will be left with an optimized, curated digital photo collection, one that will set you up for success in managing your photos effectively moving forward!

Consolidation Package – Consolidated + Safe
Do you have photos and videos sitting on a bunch of different devices? Some may be in one cloud, while others are on an old laptop. You also may have CDs and external hard-drives. When your photos are spread across so many different devices, you can end up with duplicates and loss due to corruption. If you feel confident organizing your photos, but overwhelmed at the thought of gathering them from across all your different devices, this package is for you!

Organization Package – Safe + Organized
Maybe your photos are already in one place, but your collection has never been organized. Are you in need of duplicate removal, date correction, keyword and people tagging or album creation? With our Organization Package, we load your digital photos and videos into a single platform of your choice and establish an organizational structure that makes sense. If you’re budget conscious and don’t want to organize your collection by yourself, this is the package for you!

DIY Digital Photo Organizing Workshop
More of a DIYer? SurroundUs Services has partnered with The Photo Managers to create an all-virtual, easy-access classroom environment that will allow you to finally get your photos in order wherever and whenever best meets your busy schedule. Set you up for success in managing a lifetime of milestones accomplished and memories made!

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SurroundUs Services is a woman-owned, rapidly growing start-up that leverages technology services to support busy, working parents. They are a leader in next-gen consumer services offerings. They believe your most meaningful moments should be easily & frequently integrated into your daily life. At SurroundUS Services, they’ve become experts in all things photo organizing, consolidating & protection so that you can rest easy knowing your most cherished memories are safe, secure & accessible.