How to preserve family milestone memories

Do you have a family milestone that you want to capture and preserve?

Family events are wonderful opportunities to bring people together.  They’re also great for making memories, especially if they are significant milestones that can be cherished for many years to come.  They’re the perfect opportunity to capture special moments.

My family has always lived all over the country, so family gatherings are special times to be together.  Last year, for my dad’s 90th birthday, my sister and I hosted a party for him in southern California, and it was the perfect excuse for a family reunion.  My husband and I came from Connecticut, my daughter and her family from Arizona, my nephew and his wife from North Carolina, my dad’s step-son from Texas, and my sister’s husband’s family from around California.  It was such a special event to see family and celebrate 90 wonderful years of my dad’s life!

Create the scenemilestone event memory board

As the family historian and photo curator, I put together a few special touches for the event.  I made a photo board with pictures of my dad over the years, that everyone signed with notes for him.  I also had my dad bring two albums I created for his 75th birthday – one that chronicled his life in the hotel business from Director of Food and Beverage to General Manager of several hotels (including many celebrities he had the opportunity to meet), and another that was a remake of an old photo book that belonged to his mother with pictures of my dad back to his early childhood. Having these at the party not only helped bring back memories for my dad, but also helped many new family members learn more about his history. Everyone loved looking back in time and learning more about his 90 years of life.

Hire a professional photographer

Having someone whose sole job is to take pictures relieves some pressure on family members, and allows everyone to enjoy the event!  But it doesn’t always have to be professional, just make sure someone has a camera to capture moments. We hired a photographer through Flytographer, a service that matches you with local photographers around the world, so that you can find reputable photographers while you travel.  We had a fantastic experience and captured beautiful photos of the photo

Preserve and share memories

After the event, it’s important to make sure you preserve these memories.  I compiled all the photos, both from the photographer and from other family members, and created a digital photo book.  With digital versions, I can print on demand for any family members who request a copy. It’s my hope that having these books will help us all remember this wonderful family milestone event forever.