My Latest Organizing Project It’s been a tough several months for everyone due to the Coronavirus/Covid 19, but things are starting to reopen with restrictions and people are moving around a bit more.  I drove down to North Carolina recently to spend 10 days with my daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren.  The drive was a bit surreal as there was NO traffic.  I made it from eastern Connecticut to Chapel Hill, NC in 10 ½ hours.  I had a wonderful visit and while there, I found a beautiful new home close to my family.  Yes, I will be moving in early August.  So, for the next few weeks I will be putting my business on hold while I organize, pack and move.

My latest photo organizing project has been going through my late husband’s photos.  There was a box stored under the pool table (that we don’t use) labeled “Rick’s photos”.  He and I had started going through it a couple of winters ago but never finished.  With his passing, I now wanted to take the time to sort and organize all of those photos to preserve them for myself and his family.  It turned out that a lot of the photos were actually his mother’s and sister’s so I put those aside and gave them to my sister-in-law to sort through.  For my husband’s photos, I organized them by date when I could and the rest by subject such as vehicles (he was into classic cars and restoring Jeeps and trucks), family, boats (he had a lot of those over the years too), pets, and photos of the two of us.

vAfter I finished sorting and organizing the photos, I then digitized (scanned) them so that they will be preserved for many years.  I will be putting them into a FOREVER account so that family and friends can view them and add their own comments.  I wish I had the opportunity to finish organizing the photos with Rick because I’m sure there are some wonderful stories that go along with many of them.  I now more emphatically than ever advise everyone to take the time to record the stories that go along with each photo now, before they are lost.

Next, I went through all of my digital photos on my computer and my phone and identified all the special ones of Rick over the years.  I have been very diligent over the past 15 years in organizing my digital photos, going back to the ones I took with my digital cameras, by date and subject, so it was easy to find the ones I wanted to pull out.

My next step in this photo organizing project was to go through my traditional paper scrapbook albums that I have created over the past 22 years, pull out the special photos of Rick during our many adventures, and digitize them to add to my collection.

Finally, I will be creating a few collages from the scanned photos to be used as memorial boards for his funeral and also adding all of the photos to a digital photo frame (from Nixplay) that will be showing after the funeral at our house for family and friends to view.   My goal is to eventually create a book celebrating his life to be able to give to preserve his story for myself, his daughter and his grandchildren.

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