Converting old media for family heritage

One option for preserving digital photos

Recently I did some unscientific research asking friends in a Facebook group what their biggest challenge is with their photos.  Many of the responses were around organization, storage and preseving their digital photos.  Here are a few of the responses:

  • Being able to upload them to the cloud in organized files
  • Something to indicate if photos have previously been archived
  • Organizing them into a simple system we can actually look at
  • Storing them in a way that they are easily accessible when needed
  • Being able to put all my photos neatly in a book


There is a solution to all of these problems and that is

Converting old media into heritage album in Forever


I was first introduced to FOREVER in 2014 at the annual conference of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (now known as The Photo Managers).  I was attracted to them because of their mission to help individuals preserve their family history by preserving their photos and documents.

Here are some of the features and benefits of having a FOREVER account:

  • You pay once and own your cloud storage. There is no subscription.  If you need more storage, you can purchase it.
  • The FOREVER guarantee that you will have access to your photos and documents for your lifetime plus 100 years. And they put this guarantee in writing.  As technology changes so will the way you access your photos and they will make those changes and not charge you anything extra.  They will migrate your stored content to the latest file formats over time so there are no worries when your DVDs and flash drives become obsolete.
  • Your files are triple backed up and secure.
  • Your files are completely private unless you choose to share them with family and friends. FOREVER will never data mine, advertise or sell your information.
  • You can access your photos and documents from anywhere on any device.
  • You can setup your account to automatically upload all your photos from your phone – iPhone or Android – so that all your photos are backed up and secure.
  • When you upload your photos to your account, from your computer, FOREVER automatically checks for duplicates and will alert you if that photo is already in your vault.
  • You can add descriptions to your photos and documents and they will stay with your file even when you download it.
  • You can organize your photos and documents into digital albums.

FOREVER also has services to convert all of your videos, slides and photos to digital format.  When they do, they will automatically upload your digital images to your account.

FOREVER also has an array of services for physically sharing your photos including photo books, photo gifts such as mugs, ornaments, calendars, table top panels, and wall décor.  And, they make it easy to create these items with drag and drop templates in many themes.Photo gift items that can be created in Forever

So, as you can see, FOREVER provides a solution for all of the issues that the respondents to my unscientific research identified.

If you would like to learn more about preserving your digital photos with FOREVER, click on this link.  When you do, you can sign up for a FREE 2 GB account and receive a $15 coupon good toward the purchase of more storage or any print item of your choice.


Note: If you purchase anything from FOREVER using my link, I may get a small commission at no additional cost to you. As always, I only support and recommend products I love and/or have tried myself.


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