Photo Organizing

Would you like to have all of your printed photos that are currently in old yellowing albums or stuffed into boxes and bins in your closet or basement nicely organized and available to view at any time?

Would you like to have all your digital images that are stored on your phone, computer, or digital camera all consolidated into one location and nicely organized and accessible?

Do you keep saying “someday I’ll get myself organized” or “when the kids are grown and out of the house I’ll get all this stuff organized” or “when I retire I’ll have the time to get all my photos organized”?

Well, that “someday” is today and we are here to help.  We can either show you how to get your photos organized, we can do it along with you, or we can do it all for you.  The choice is yours!

Your Package Includes (based on Printed or Digital Photos):

  • Initial assessment
  • Custom photo organization master plan
  • Setting up a core file structure or categories and naming conventions
  • Eliminating duplicates or poor quality photos
  • Sorting and organizing the photos based on the core file structure (archival safe photo storage box for printed photos available for additional charge)
  • Backup of digital photos
  • Recommendations for digitizing printing photos
  • Training on maintaining digital file structure
  • Photo management maintenance plan and checklist

Let’s Get Started Package – half day
Need More Time Package – 4 half days
This is Going to Take a While Package – 8 half days
Customized packages available

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Photo and Document Scanning

10 Reasons to Digitize Your Printed Family Photos Before It’s Too Late   photo scanning

  1. They take up less space.
  2. All photographic materials deteriorate with time.
  3. Old slides and negatives tend to color-shift over time.
  4. To view your slides, you have to dig out your old projector (if it still works), or a slide viewer, in order to enjoy them.
  5. If you have old negatives, you really can’t view them at all – unless you have a rare genetic ability to invert colors on your own.
  6. Most of us no longer own a VHS player.
  7. Your past is important – not only to you, but to your children, grandchildren and other relatives. Your photos represent  are important pieces of your family history.
  8. Once they exist as digital files, all of your old photographs can be easily shared.
  9. Uploading your scanned photos onto your computer turns it into a time machine. All those treasured (in some cases – forgotten) memories can be pulled up at a moment’s notice, to be enjoyed and shared.
  10. When they exist in digital form, these treasured artifacts can be rehabilitated as much as needed. So, even if your memories have faded, the photos of your past can be viewed as though it all happened yesterday.


We scan and digitize your photos, old media, and memorabilia!

Your Package Includes:

  • Initial assessment
  • White glove scanning at 600 DPI
  • Images are scanned into a predetermined file structure to allow for easy organization and retrieval
  • Digitized photos saved to an external hard drive

Pricing is based on number of photos

We recommend organizing your photos prior to scanning.

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Photo Books and Gifts

You didn’t take your photos to keep them tucked away in a box or on a hard drive. Let’s work together to pick out your favorite photos, document their stories, and share them in . . .

  • Custom made Photo Books
  • Photo wall art
  • Personalized photo gifts
  • Posters and collages for celebrations, sports team, or memorials


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