January is Get Organized monthDid you set a goal to organize your photos in 2021?

Last week I participated in a visioning workshop where I laid out my personal and business goals for 2021 and for the next three years. It was a very inspiring experience.  Did you set any goals for 2021?  Did one of them happen to be around organizing your house or your kitchen?  If you did, you are not alone.  These are some of the most popular New Year’s we make resolutions.  And that is why January has been designated as GET ORGANIZED month.

What about your photos?  As you start cleaning out your closets, basements, attics, and drawers you will probably come across a lot of printed photos.  Do you say every year that you are going to get them organized but then they go back in the closet for another year?  Why not make this year the year you get them organized and preserved?

Here’s a simple process for organizing your photos using the ABC’S of photo organizing to help you get started.

A = Albumthe ABC's of photo organizing

These are your best photos; the ones that you want to put into an album or display on a wall. They can be of a special occasion, vacation, a child’s memories of growing up, the year in the life of your family, etc.

B = Box and Backup

These are the photos that are important to keep but that you don’t need to see every day. They should be organized into an archival-safe storage box and backed up digitally, by scanning them, to an external hard drive and private, secure cloud storage.

C = Can (Trash Can)

These are the photos that can be thrown away (yes, it’s ok to throw away or delete photos). They are the duplicates, blurry photos, multiple photos of the same scene, photos of poor quality, photos you can’t remember why you took, or old photos that no longer have any meaning to you.

S = Stories

There was a reason you took the photo in the first place, so there is most likely a story that goes along with it. Write down the story on an index card or on a separate sheet of paper that you can store with the photo.  These stories can then be added to the photo book you may be creating.  Try to include the who, what, where and when of the photo.

As you are sorting through your photos, you can also organize them by date and by themes such as by family member, vacations, special occasions, school days, pets, holidays, family traditions, sports, special places, favorite things, etc. This level of sorting can be done for the A and B photos as you go along.

If organizing your photos still seems too overwhelming for you or you just don’t have the time, please get in touch with me to help you. Preserving your photos and their stories is important to me and I want to help as many people as I can bring their photos back into their lives.