Spring Cleaning Your Photos

Spring has finally bloomed here in southern New England.  Spring is a beautiful season when everything outdoors starts to wake up after a long winter, when the grass and the trees start to turn green and the plants open up with their rainbow of colors.  As we all come out of our winter cocoons, we start the annual tradition of spring cleaning.
Wikipedia defines spring cleaning as “the practice of thoroughly cleaning a house in the springtime” and is used to refer to “any kind of heavy duty cleaning or organizing enterprise”.

245My spring cleaning is usually done outside raking the gardens and cleaning out the garden beds to get them ready for planting and to make way for the perennials.  This year I have also set a goal to start the process to organize all of my husband’s printed photos and to digitize his photos and mine.

Yes, I have all of my photos nicely put into albums and photo organizing boxes, but they are taking up a lot of space and it does take some time to find what I am looking for.  So, I have started going to go through all my old photo albums, removing the photos,  and labeling them in preparation of digitizing them into folders, and then uploading them to Forever for permanent storage.

forever logois the only online preservation site for individuals and families to collect, curate and celebrate their digital memories. And, they guarantee that these memories/photos/stories will be preserved, protected, and available for your lifetime plus generations beyond.

“We guarantee that the memories you store with Forever will be preserved, protected, and available for your lifetime plus 100 years, with a goal of keeping your content safe and available as you have determined for many generations beyond.”

Forever is SECURE – Forever Guaranteed Storage is backed up in multiple places across multiple regions, ensuring you will never lose any of your photos. Over time, they will even migrate your files to newer formats as old formats become obsolete.

Forever is PRIVATE – With Forever’s clear privacy settings, you can easily share your photos with friends, family or keep them private. Your memories are not for sale. Unlike some storage services, you always maintain full ownership of your photos.

Forever is PERMANENT – Forever ensures your life stories will be preserved. You are in control and decide how your account will be shared for generations. If you wish, assign account managers who will have access and control in the future.

Forever is ACCESSIBLE on any device (PC, Apple, Android) anywhere.
To learn more about how Forever’s terms of service are different from other online photo storage sites, please watch this.  You’ll be surprised to learn that your photos may not be as secure and accessible as you thought they were.
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