The First Snow

Last week we had our first snowfall of the 2012/13 winter season in Connecticut and, of course, I took a picture.  Every year I always take a picture of the first snowfall, and because of that, I have a record of the date of the first snow fall from my photos.  Even though the photos are usually of the same scene, they all have different dates.  It’s fun to keep track of the varying dates and wonder why they are different.

As I thought about this, I realized that every year I also take a picture of the old, large magnolia tree that is outside my office window when it first blooms.   As I look back on my photos of the past years I can see that the tree doesn’t bloom on the same date every year.  I wonder why?  Is it a meterological thing?  Does it have to do with the amount of rainfall? or how cold the Winter was? or how warm the Spring is?

What do you take pictures of every year that lend themselves to some type of variation?  The photos could show a variation by date or they could show how children grow or how our hair style changes.  Once you find them, you might want to display them in a special way to show the variations or to just enjoy them.  Or start a tradition of taking a photo of the same object, person, or event every year and then notice the variations.


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