Today most of us use our cell phones as cameras and as a result are taking hundreds of photos while on vacation.  We want to capture every moment.  But then those photos sit on our phones and we might scroll through them when we first get home to share special photos with family and friends.  And then what?  How about putting your photos and stories about your vacation into a special album?

A few weeks ago, my husband and I went on a vacation to Williamsburg, VA.  I knew that after returning home that I wanted to create a photo album of our trip.  Here are some things I did during our trip and after I returned home to make it easier to remember everything we did so I could create the photo book.  I am sharing them here to make it easier for you to preserve your photos and stories from that special vacation so you can create that special photo book.

  1. I made sure that the Location Services setting on my cell phone was set to ON so that the location of where the photo was taken would show on my phone.
  2. As we went to different locations – museums, parks, etc. – I took a picture of the sign to make it easier to remember where we were.
  3. I took my bullet journal with me and every evening after dinner I wrote down what we did that day and any stories or anecdotes that I wanted to remember. Another option is to purchase postcards each day and at the end of the day write to yourself with what you did that day.
  4. I packed a large envelope to hold all of the memorabilia we collected each day such as entrance tickets, brochures, park maps, etc.

After I got home:

  1. I created a shared folder on my phone so that I could get the photos from my husband’s cell phone. If you are traveling with other family members or friends, it is a good idea to try to gather their photos to include in your book.  You can create a shared folder on your iPhone, on Dropbox, or Google photos to make it easier to do this.
  2. I downloaded all my photos from the vacation to my computer and put them in folders by date.
  3. Next, I sorted the memorabilia by date and then scanned the items that I want to include in my book. I moved those scans into the appropriate dated folder on my computer.



Now I’m ready to start creating my book.

I’m glad that I took the time to preserve the photos and the stories of our trip so that I will continue to enjoy our experience for many more years.