Where are your old photo albums?

Do you have photos in old albums tucked away in a closet?  Do you just pull them out once in a while to show people and then put them back into the dark closet just to take up room in the closet?

Then, it is time to get them out of the albums and to clean out the closet!

Why? 1. Because you need the room in the closet.  And 2. because the photos are not safe in those albums.  The album pages and the photos are turning yellow.  And, the longer you leave the photos in those old-style sticky photo albums the harder it will be to remove them and you may, therefore, rip them.

I am speaking from experience.  I just did this for a client who had 20 of these sticky-style-photo albums.  It took time and patience to carefully remove the photos so they wouldn’t tear but I know it was well worth the effort.  Now the photos will be in safe storage and viewable by all family members.

How? you ask.  Because I sorted them by decade, packaged them up, and sent them to FotoBridge who scanned them to a DVD.  I then put them into beautiful Legacy Boxes for long term storage and now they take up much less space.

As you pull the photos out of the old albums, this would also be a good time to

– “weed-thru” the pictures to notate names, locations and dates before that information is lost;

– to verify which photos you want to keep and to toss out duplicates,  and photos you don’t know why you ever took or saved and would have deleted them right away if you had a digital camera back then.

Now you have a plan of action and the tools, so go for it!  If you don’t have the time or the inclination to do this yourself, please get in touch with me and I will help you achieve the of peace of mind knowing your precious photos and memories are safe and secure for long time enjoyment.



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