Why is it important to preserve your family photos?

Why do you take photographs? 

  • To record a special moment
  • To tell a story
  • For enjoyment

Photographs are a physical representation of our memories.

They tell a story – they tell your story!

If you don’t preserve your photos than those stories will be lost.

There are studies that show that telling family stories to children help them to develop a stronger sense of self and belonging.

I have been our family historian for years, so when my Dad turned 75 his wife asked me to surprise him with some scrapbook albums. One was a redo of his mother’s photo album that was falling apart and the other was an album of his professional photos as a hotel general manager for over 50 years, which included photos with many celebrities. He loved them! And then after the party I sat with him and had him tell me who everyone was in the photos and added that information to the books.

Fast forward to this past August when my Dad turned 90 and the larger extended family gathered to celebrate (he is since remarried with a new family and more grandchildren and great-grandchildren). We pulled out the albums and everyone, including my Dad, enjoyed sharing the memories of him and his parents and was amazed at all the celebrities he had met over the years. Now the scrapbook albums are being digitized so all the grandchildren and great-grandchildren will always know their family and can continue to enjoy them for many more years.

History lives in the stories that are told through photographs. But how would you feel if your photos ended up in an antique store or in the dumpster after you are gone?

You can’t tell our story, though, if the photos are hidden away in boxes and bins or old faded photo albums.

You should take the time now, before it is too late, to preserve our photos by organizing and digitizing them and writing down the stories. Once they are digitized, they are easier to share, there is less clutter, and they are preserved in the event of a disaster.

Don’t wait until it is too late and you can’t remember the who, what, where, and when of the treasures in the box.